Business Travel

Our business travel department is geared to the executive's demand of fast and reliable service throughout all aspects of the journey. A successful deal starts with successful planning. So why not leave the planning to us? You can be sure that we:

save you time - lots of it. We give our best in what we do and do so efficiently.

respect your time - we manage your schedule and make sure waiting time is minimized.

minimize your costs - we guarantee best value for money, by identifying and comparing all options (we work with all IATA and non-IATA airlines).

remember - all client information is stored in a database. We know your seating preference and Frequent Flyer number - you only have to say it once.

inform you - we keep you up to date with flight delays and we issue Visas and ESTA. More importantly, you don’t have to ask if you need one.

are multi-functional - we handle all on-location arrangements; from airport transfer and car rental to hotel, meeting room to evening leisure activities.

are flexible - last minute flights, cancellations, changes or an emergency check-in are no obstacle.

Our team fulfills the most exigent wishes, and regards itself as a trustee and manager of the entire travel experience, whilst always being dependable and friendly.


Cosa Travel Ltd.
Utoquai 55
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Monday to Friday
from 08h30 to 17h30


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