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Continuously working on and perfecting our trade since 1979, we consider ourselves artists of the travel industry. We’ve understood why people travel, and we’ve come to realise that, oftentimes, we can offer something you never even imagined.

Luxury is a notion which has been applied and over-used to appeal to the masses, losing its meaning along the way. Although luxury may allude differently to different people, we understand what it means to the discerning traveler – to you. For us, travel represents all that is authentic about a destination – depth of understanding and immersion into local culture are an example of this. We are also firm believers in Barefoot Luxury – being wholly enveloped in your natural, untethered surroundings, time off to do nothing, and having your utmost privacy.

Although high standards of comfort and professional service are a given, we place great importance on the location, the hosting, the guides and the exclusivity. Travel and all it entails is, principally, about life-enriching experiences.

We customise experiences that challenge you, inspire you, and deeply affect you – building stories that make up chapters of your journey.

Keeping in mind that tourism can impact the environment positively and negatively, we work with those that truly seek to make a positive difference – whether that is by working with and hiring people from local communities, involvement in educational and schooling programs, establishing nature conservation projects, or building in ways which have minimal impact on the surroundings.

Luxury travel is a privilege truly experienced by few, and Cosa Travel is your gateway to this:

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